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Monday, 27 November 2017

Alessandro Leogrande

Quanta sofferenza. Quanto caos. Quanta indifferenza. Da qualche parte nel futuro, i nostri discendenti si chiederanno come abbiamo potuto lasciare che tutto ciò accadesse. Continua

Thursday, 23 November 2017

L'anello debole delle migrazioni: le donne | Festival dei Diritti Umani di Milano

Sabato 25 Novembre 2017, h.17

Unicredit Pavilion - Sala Margherita Hack
L' anello debole delle migrazioni: le donne
TALK a cura del Festival dei Diritti Umani di Milano

Il Festival dei Diritti Umani, in collaborazione con WeWorld Onlus, nell’ambito dell’VIII edizione di WeWorld Festival dedicato ai diritti delle donne, organizza sabato 25 novembre, dalle ore 17 alle ore 19, a Milano, all’UniCredit Pavilion - Sala Margherita Hack, il dibattito “L’anello debole delle migrazioni: le donne”. Intervengono Princess Inyang Okokon, Lireta Katiaj e don Mussie Zerai, conduce Danilo De Biasio, giornalista e direttore del Festival dei Diritti Umani di Milano.
Seguirà il conferimento del premio Reset-Diritti Umani a Princess Inyang Okokon.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

We all have a short life - Ai Weiwei

"We all have a short life. We have only a moment to speak out or to present what little skills we have. And if everybody does that, maybe the temperature changes". Ai Weiwei

NIHRF Human Rights Festival Northern Ireland

Each year the 10th December is celebrated as Human Rights Day across the world. The date marks the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948. Civil society groups across the world use this date as an opportunity to celebrate and mark the importance of human rights globally.

Every year a diverse range of organisations across Northern Ireland have traditionally held events in the week surrounding this date to mark the occasion and highlight different aspects of human rights as they apply locally and internationally. In 2012 a number of these organisations came together to pool those individual events into a programme of activities promoted together for the first time as the Northern Ireland Human Rights Festival.

The festival is administered by the Human Rights Consortium in collaboration with organisations from civic society. The distinct events that make up the festival however, are developed and run by organisations and individuals with an interest in the protection and promotion of human rights. The diversity of events and the range of issues covered as part of the festival are reflective of the universal nature of human rights.

It is hoped that the festival will expand over time and become a fixed part of the programme of Northern Ireland festivals while continuing to expand local awareness of the importance of celebrating and protecting human rights.

European New Deal - Yanis Varoufakis

Dear DiEM25 Member,

This is a good time to be a DiEMer.

Last week we “seized the day” and plunged ourselves into a challenging, perilous, but also exciting new phase for our young movement: Yes, we will go for it!

May 2019, here we come!

Our internal vote was decisive: 73% of verified members voted and of those 93% voted “yes”. Even before DiEM25’s second anniversary comes and goes, we shall begin working tirelessly to take our European New Deal, our Progressive Agenda for Europe, to ballot boxed across Europe in the May 2019 European Parliament election.

Whatever happens in the end, this is a historic moment: Never before has a movement tried to present a SINGLE comprehensive policy agenda to ALL Europeans on the basis of ONE party list across our divided and fragmenting Union.

We are in it to win. But our notion of victory is very, very different. Victory for us means putting on the agenda, everywhere, our progressive, moderate, but also radical policy framework. It means doing so in a manner that shows Europeans that a transnational European democracy is not only possible but also that it is already here – in embryonic form within the ranks of DiEM25. It means giving birth to a new politics, a new ethos in the face of elections, a new spirit of electoral engagement by activists who detest ‘authority’ but who contest elections to restore sovereignty to persons, collectives, cities, regions, peoples and Parliaments.

From today, we begin discussions in every country, in every city with civil society and with political actors whose politics is close to our Manifesto and whose policies are consistent with our Progressive Agenda for Europe and our European New Deal. The aim? To prepare, in good time, the SINGLE comprehensive policy agenda to be presented in May 2019 to voters everywhere. Our members, DSCs, National Collectives, the Coordinating Collective, all of us must prepare for this Grand Dialogue across Europe. Let’s begin! Continue

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Water is life! Chase Iron Eyes

While Chase prepares for his upcoming trial, we continue to call for all charges against water protectors to be dropped. Video

Use the form below to ask North Dakota's State's Attorney to Drop DAPL Charges. Click here to share this page on Facebook.

International Supporters: Click here to sign the petition.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Free Biafra

Free Taheri - Iran

Stop returning people to Afghanistan! Taibeh Abbasi

1000s of students in Norway are doing everything they can to protect their classmate Taibeh from being deported to Afghanistan. Join them and defend all Afghan asylum seekers at risk of deportation from Norway.

Taibeh dreams of graduating from high school next summer and becoming a doctor, but right now she lives in fear of being deported to a country she has never even visited.
Like Taibeh, many other Afghans are at risk of being returned from Norway.

In the past years thousands of Afghans have been returned from Europe, despite evidence that they face serious harm in the country. Norway claims that Afghans can be returned as the country is safe, but 2016 was the deadliest year on record in Afghanistan. Returning people to Afghanistan right now is not only cruel, it is also reckless and illegal.

But people are starting to stand up for those at risk, like the 1000s of students who stand with Taibeh to stop her from being sent to Afghanistan.
Stand up for all the Afghan asylum seekers like Taibeh at risk of being returned to Afghanistan, sign the petition.

Call on the Norwegian government to stop returning people to Afghanistan until the country is stable enough to ensure the safety and dignity. Your voice on this petition will help us to show the Norwegian government that we stand with people at risk of being returned to Afghanistan in Norway.
The Norwegian government thinks we don’t care, show them we do. Sign and share to your networks now. Continue

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Graphic novels in Italien - zwischen Fiktion und Realität

Mi, 15. November 2017 10:00

Universitätsbibliothek, Holzgartenstraße 16

Auf dem Literaturmarkt boomt seit einiger Zeit ein Genre: die Graphic Novel, welche sich als all-age-Literatur großer Beliebtheit erfreut. Autoren, wie etwa Zerocalcare, haben inzwischen auch eine deutsche Leserschaft. Doch es gibt noch viel zu entdecken. Die Veranstaltung beleuchtet dieses literarisch-künstlerische Genre in seinen verschiedenen Facetten: sowohl durch wissenschaftliche Vorträge, als auch in Form von Werkstattgesprächen mit italienischen Zeichnern und Verlegern.


10.00 Uhr
Adriana Cuffaro (IIC Stoccarda) Georg Maag (Uni Stuttgart) Luca Viglialoro (Uni Düsseldorf)

10.30 Uhr
Daniele Barbieri
Graphic novel e racconto seriale

11.15 Uhr
Luca Farulli
Riconfigurazioni sensoriali e metropoli. Alle origini della verbovisione contemporanea: Pittura Fotografia Film di László Moholy-Nagy

12.00 Uhr
Susanne Brandt
Geschichte ohne Fußnoten – wie viele Quellen und Forschung stecken in einem Comic?

13.00 Uhr

14.30 Uhr
Federico Zaghis
Il BeccoGiallo, pillole di giornalismo disegnato

15.15 Uhr
Diego Marani
Un modo molto soggettivo di raccontare una storia: il giornalismo a fumetti in Italia

16.00 Uhr
Elettra Stamboulis/ Gianluca Costantini
Il diario segreto di Pasolini

16.45 Uhr
Giuseppe Capoano/ Francesco Vizza
Luigi Lilio. Il dominio del tempo

20.00 Uhr

Parallel dazu:
Präsentation der neu erscheinenden Übersetzung ins Italienische von:
Steven Nadler/Ben Nadler, Eretici! I me- ravigliosi (e pericolosi) inizi della filosofia moderna, Carocci 2017

Jun. Prof. Sieglinde Borvitz (Düsseldorf), Dr. Luca Viglialoro (Düsseldorf), Prof. Georg Maag (Stuttgart), Dr. Sabrina Maag (Stuttgart)

Eine Veranstaltung des Italienzentrums/ IZKT der Universität Stuttgart und des Instituts für Romanistik der Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, in Kooperation mit dem Istituto Italiano di Cultura Stuttgart.

Monday, 6 November 2017


Erano tutte giovanissime, adolescenti tra i 14 e i 18 anni. Sono morte lungo la traversata dalla Nigeria alle coste italiane. In 26 sono arrivate ieri, senza vita, a Salerno a bordo della nave spagnola Cantabria.
Sulla stessa imbarcazione quasi 400 migranti, tra cui numerosi bambini, alcuni non accompagnati.

La notizia, oltre a essere ripresa da gran parte dei media, compresi i tg delle principali edizioni, ha fatto il giro del web che mai come in questa occasione è stato invaso da reazioni e commenti sconcertanti, anche per chi è ormai abituato al linguaggio d'odio sempre più imperante sui social.


di Antonella Napoli continua in

Immediate freedom for Osman Kavala

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Gianluca Costantini in CONTAR O MUNDO A reportagem em banda desenhada

Gabriel García Márquez chamou ao jornalismo a melhor profissão do mundo. O ofício de analisar, questionar e decifrar a realidade continua a ser um trabalho essencial em qualquer sociedade e a reportagem persiste como o género onde esse trabalho pode fazer-se com um fôlego mais largo, um olhar com múltiplos ângulos, uma procura dedicada das histórias e dos momentos que definem uma história maior. A linguagem da banda desenhada é uma das ferramentas possíveis para esse trabalho. Não será o mais reconhecido, ou o mais óbvio, mas as últimas décadas têm mostrado uma vitalidade assinalável desta relação. Nesta exposição pretendemos mostrar como a banda desenhada responde de modos diversos e com soluções criativas às necessidades de um género jornalístico concreto (mesmo quando lhe empurra os limites em direcções menos canónicas).

Comissariado: Sara Figueiredo Costa
Projeto e execução de cenografia: Catarina Pé-Curto, Alice Prestes e Filipa Sabala