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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Occupy Democracy #England

In October, we occupied Parliament Square peacefully for nine days. The Establishment responded with a strategy designed to have a chilling effect – over-policing and media silence. We remained peaceful and resolute in our determination to make our point, and to demand our right to protest and assemble. Our numbers grew and we kept on with our solutions-focused programme of debates, talks and entertainment. On the final night we agreed a provisional set of demands. We returned to Parliament Square in November and will be going back again in December.
Get involved as #OccupyDemocracy supporters return to Parliament Square over the weekend of December 20th-21st. Read the call out for November here.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Shut Up! Ekrem Dumanli

Turkish police have made at least 23 arrests during raids on a newspaper and TV station with close ties to US-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen. Those detained are accused of forming an illegal organisation and trying to seize control of the state. Mr Gulen, the spiritual leader of the Hizmet movement, is a rival of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The raids come days after Mr Erdogan pledged a fresh campaign against Mr Gulen’s supporters. Among those arrested are journalists, producers, scriptwriters and a police chief in eastern Turkey. The paper's editor-in-chief, Ekrem Dumanli, tweeted a picture of himself at his desk, saying: "Officers [forced] back because of democratic reaction of my friends. I am at my place and wait." Continue 

Friday, 12 December 2014

My support for The Coming War

The Coming War between America and China – the new documentary project from John Pilger

‘Journey’ is an overworked word these days, but I can think of none other to describe the making of a documentary film. Ten years ago, a film of mine could be made in six months, even less. The main work was the research, the journalism. Whenever I felt confident I had the basis of a ‘story’, I would go to the ITV Network in the UK and seek a broadcast commission. If that was forthcoming, ITV would fund the production. The difference now is that I, the film-maker, must raise most of the production money. Also, my documentaries have changed considerably in recent years. They are now made for the cinema as well as TV, and for the internet.
I’ve made three films this way, The War on Democracy (2007), The War You Don’t See (2010) and Utopia (2013). Utopia took more than two years to make.
In raising the money for these films, I’ve been fortunate to find sympathetic philanthropists and foundations, and persuade them to contribute without attaching any editorial strings. But these benefactors are rare, and tracking them down is probably the hardest part of film-making now and, frankly, not the kind of work I ever saw myself doing – I’ve always preferred simply to do the job I knew – journalism. Continue

The trip - stories of migrations #Italy #Albania

La Comunità EDITH STEIN -Cooperativa Conoscenza e Dialogo
vi invitano ed accolgono il 12 Dicembre 2015, dalle 15 alle 17 a

Il viaggio-racconti di migrazioni

Programma dell’evento
Introducono al viaggio gli operatori
Mohamed El Ghouzli e Ivano Mazzani
Viaggio di creatività con le tavole disegnate da Mario, ospite della Comunità
Impressioni di viaggio nel racconto /domande e risposte di Endri
Introspezione alla ricchezza del viaggio di Rifat, Mario, Endri, Eriklajd, Kleand, Xhulio, Elton, stimolati da Donata Liverzani
Racconti e pensieri di viaggio: il tavolo dei suggerimenti bibliografici e quello dei fumetti
Immagini: video e.. disegnano in diretta Gianluca Costantini e Mario
Letture con la partecipazione di Franco Costantini, Gianfranco Tondini Primo Fornaciari, Cristina Croatti e Riccardo Zoffoli
viaggeranno con noi e interagiranno i ragazzi della comunità
il viaggio si concluderà con inni goliardici e scherzosi in lingua albanese
da parte dei ragazzi della comunità coordinati da Gianni Renna
Un particolare ringraziamento a tutti coloro, amici ed appassionati, che hanno collaborato alla realizzazione dell’evento

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Plants and Olive! Abu Ein #Palestine

Speaking shortly before his death, the minister told reporters why he was at the protest. "This is the army of the occupation and they are stopping Palestinians from acting on their rights. We came to our Palestinian land to plant trees and olive trees. They attacked us immediately without anyone throwing a stone or attacking them. This is a terrorist occupying army that stops Palestinians from enacting on their rights," Abu Ein said. Continue and DesertPeace